Clarins Tri-Active Body Treatments

Clarins Tri-Active Body Treatments

At Inches of Oxted, we always make sure you leave our salon feeling revitalised, and a Clarins Tri - Active Body treatment is the perfect way to feel indulged and relaxed. To make sure you receive the best results for your Clarins body treatment, we advise that you include an exfoliation for your body from head to toe.

The Body Sculptor - £70

Intensively streamlines body contours. A pampering shortcut to a body that’s svelte, toned and silky-smooth.
1 hr 20 mins.

The Moisture Quencher - £70
Restores extreme softness, suppleness and comfort to parched and dry skin. For a body that gleams like satin and is velvet to the touch.
1hr 20 mins.

The Firming Age Corrector - £70
Restores youthful firmness, smoothness and luminosity. Think of this as an all-in-one body youth boost.
1 hr 20 mins.

The Body Polisher - £37
Intensive double exfoliation deep cleanses and retextures for a body that’s super soft, supple and smooth.
40 mins.

So Natural Self Tanner - £50
This crème de la crème of self tanning treatments for face and body includes a deeply pampering massage and gives the skin a gorgeous, long-lasting, glowing, golden colour that looks as natural in winter as it does in summer – and you can even get dressed immediately.

To achieve the very best results with Clarins Body Treatments, top-to-toe exfoliation is highly recommended.

To book a Clarins Tri - Active body treatment, give us a call today on  01883 722 555

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