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More natural looking than microblading


Nanoblading is a new eyebrow treatment that has been developed from microblading – the semi permanent treatment that gives fuller, natural looking brows.

Although both Microblading and Nanoblading offer fine hair strokes that look natural, Nanoblading offers more precision and accuracy as it uses ultra-fine nano needles that are closer to the dimensions of real hair resulting in an even more convincing, more natural-looking brow shape and colour. Put simply, it’s microblading but with super fine, flexible needles.

  • Nanoblading first appointment – £250
  • Nanoblading follow-up appointment – £50

To find out more or to make an appointment for your Nanoblading treatment, call us today on 01883 722 555.

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Is Nanoblading better than Microblading?

It all comes down to your own personal taste. With Nanoblading, you can create a more natural-looking brow shape, because your beautician can apply more accurate pressure and the pigment that is dispensed is finer too, which makes the colour tighter and more visible so that it looks like real hair growing from your skin. Another benefit of Nanoblading is that your skin will heal more quickly too.

When you book a Nanoblading treatment, we’ll first need to do a patch test 24 hours before to ensure you’re not allergic to the pigment, and we can discuss the kind of eyebrow shape and colour that you wish to achieve.

The Nanoblading treatment usually takes around 2 hours and we recommend that you have a second session after four to eight weeks later to achieve the best results. Don’t worry though – your brows will look great after the first session – the second is just to ensure the look lasts as long as possible! Nanoblading lasts at least a year and sometimes up to 18 months before you need a follow-up session.

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